Shopping in Panamá – where and how?

The best recommendations to buy in Panama

Finding what you are looking for, and, on top, good, nice and cheap is the desire of any person and Panama offers a world of possibilities to achieve this ideal when shopping. Hello, my name is Jaime. My wife Rocío and I have had the luck of traveling the world on several occasions, but when it comes to shopping clothes, shoes, accessories for our home and even technology, we always end up in

That is why we offer you the best recommendations to get the most out of your shopping trips in this Central American country and also save you a lot of money. You might as well start a personal business by selling the world-class merchandise that you can buy in Panama at the best prices in the market.

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Right here, you will read my recommendations on the best prices and places you have to go to buy technology, original, in its original packaging, with the right discount, and the most reliable guarantee. I also like buying appliances, accessories for our vehicle and toys for our children.

Surely you will like all these sections, especially because we update them every time an offer in Panama appears.

Where to buy in Panama?

Panama has taken important steps towards modernity in recent years, so it can be considered as a country with an economy in full development based on tourism and its prosperous commercial activity. Every year it attracts visitors from all over the world, due to its huge shopping centers and the Free Zone of Colon (free trade area) that offer tourists a universe of opportunities to purchase items from around the world in one place and at the best prices.

We have had the opportunity to be there several years in a row, at least once every year, and we see how the streets of Colón flood with foreigners who consider that the plane ticket to Panama is a great investment. We met a couple of guys who actually believed they were on a huge outdoor Black Friday.

We are not short of reasons to invite you to visit the shopping centers that will surely exceed your expectations regarding the opportunities for entertainment, attractions and the pleasure of juicing each sellout:

Albrook Mall:

This is perhaps the most picturesque shopping center in Panama and one of the funniest, because it offers plenty of attractions in order to enjoy a good family outing while you make your purchases in the huge department stores where you will find an endless variety of clothing, footwear, technological devices, food and drinks from around the world, among many other items.

In addition, at Albrook Mall you can enjoy our arcade shops, casinos, bowling alley, a DJ, a tour on a mini-train, an exotic virtual zoo with species like koalas, pandas, dolphins, and dinosaurs, and other attractions that you will discover when visiting.

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AltaPlaza Mall:

It is also a good place for the family with a large food court in which there are important chains of restaurants to enjoy the delicious cuisine of different countries of the world.

Although it is a small mall, among the mega shopping malls in Panama, it stands out for its excellent quality of service and the irresistible offers you can find in its stores, ranging from pharmacies to clothing stores, appliances, and toy stores.

Los Pueblos Mall

One of my favorites, because it is the largest outdoor mall in the continent with an area of 22 hectares, one of the most popular in the world thanks to its juicy sales and a great variety in all kinds of products that attracts millions of international visitors annually.

If you go to Panama, going to Los Pueblos is a must considering that it is located only 8 km from the international airport of Panama City, in the Juan Díaz district.

Multicenter Mall:

It is located in the financial center of the capital city which is one of the most energetic in the world. There, millions of dollars are spent daily in different types of transactions. It stands out for its modernity, beauty, and innovation, as well as for a good shopping atmosphere, the opportunity to enjoy a unique panoramic view of Panama City and at the same time the most relaxing view of the sea.

Due to the high competitiveness of the Panamanian industrial and commercial sector, it is very common to find all kinds of sells in place, so it will be very useful to visit this shopping center on Balboa Avenue.

Multiplaza Pacific Mall

This Mall stands out for the luxury, modernity, and eccentricity of its design and the stores you can find, such as boutiques of the most exclusive designers and brands in the world movie theaters and a large food court.

This majestic shopping center is on Punta Darién Street, Via Israel.

Shopping in the Colon Free Zone:

It is nothing less than the second largest free trade zone in the world. We must not forget that the Panamanian isthmus is the most frantic trade area between the eastern and western world, and that’s why that in the Colon Free trade Zone goods coming from different places on the planet meet.

The most sought-after products are perfumes, cigarettes, liquors, pharmaceuticals, watches, textiles and clothing in general. This area attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually who see in this tax-free zone an attractive business opportunity.

The price that traders in the Colon Free trade Zone give to products is truly crazy. For this reason, it is common to find people of different nationalities who buy good for themselves and also to resell in other countries, including Americans who find it more profitable to buy in Panama than doing it, for example, in Miami or New York.

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Some particular recommendations that you should take into account when visiting the Colon Free Zone:

1. Do not carry things of value

In general, Panama is a very safe country with a strong police presence, but it always good to be cautious and to avoid being an easy prey for some criminals who hunt tourists among the crowd.

For this reason, it is also highly recommended to avoid using public transport only when going to the Colon Free Zone and opt for a rented car you can get at very low rates or a taxi.

2. Appropriate clothing

It is a very hot and busy area so it is best to go dressed comfortably and in light clothes.

3. Bring water

4. Have American dollars (legal currency in Panama)

Shopping at the International Airport of PANAMA

At the Panama International Airport, in Tocumén, you will have the opportunity to get a wide variety of products in the small free trade zone that works in the area as well as in a huge group of stores with products of all kinds and prices including the respective national taxes, just going out to the public area.

Online shopping is another option to buy, in online stores such as Linio, Bershka and Alunipa, among others. Do not waste any more time and set off to this friendly nation where you can enjoy attractive tourist destinations and shop for all sorts of things. This land also gives you the opportunity to invest in your business with mouthwatering profits.

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